Various illustration jobs ranging from a coat of arms to a condom.

Citynomadi produced a map for the City of Tampere Kiekon koti (Home of Hockey) -website at:
I in turn designed icons for the map for Citynomadi. Not all of them but most, three are included in this post.


VUOROMIES (2021-2022)
Various sizes, ink drawing. Illustrations for Popdivari Vuoromies. Executed by yours truly based on an original idea by Kimmo Suomalainen (

Vuoromies-piirroksia Vuoromies-piirroksia Vuoromies-piirroksia

552 x 300 mm, ink drawing. A coloured version of this illustration is being used as a stage backdrop by the Finnish trash metal band Bloodride.

the five bloodriders

"Pysy Kotona" translates as "Stay Home". A logo for a coronavirus infomercial campaign by the Finnish band Kotiteollisuus. The group`s sledgehammer-man mascot makes you an offer that you can`t refuse.

Pysy Kotona 2020

Eppu Normaali is a legendary Finnish band from Ylöjärvi, est. 1976, I designed graphics and a flyer for a Eppu Normaali / Ylöjärven kaupunki / Citynomadi co-production. A GPS route was made for the free Nomadi app, the app is installed on a mobile phone and the user can then follow a map of sites related to the history of the band.

eppu_normaali_flyer.jpg eppu_normaali_tausta.jpg eppu_normaali_baarikarpanen.jpg

CITYNOMADI WWW (2015-2016)
Illustrations done for the Citynomadi website. The existing company logo / mascot (designed by Mia Ristimäki) embarked on different adventures depending on the mobile app in question. Made with Illustrator.


citynomadi_kuvitukset1.jpg citynomadi_kuvitukset2.jpg citynomadi_kuvitukset3.jpg citynomadi_kuvitukset4.jpg citynomadi_kuvitukset5.jpg
RTB_kondomi.jpg ROCK THE BEACH -CONDOM (2013)
Size: 48 x 77 mm
A condom package design for free condoms given out at the 2013 Rock The Beach -festival.


ruisrock_niittylava.jpg RUISROCK NIITTYLAVA (2011)
Size: big
A design for the Ruisrock festival "Niittylava" stage.


ruisrock_rantalava.jpg RUISROCK RANTALAVA (2011)
Size: big
A design for the Ruisrock festival "Rantalava" stage.


ruisrock_telttalava.jpg RUISROCK TELTTALAVA (2011)
Size: big
A design for the Ruisrock festival "Telttalava" stage.


A coat of arms for the family Frantzi, registered by the Heraldic Society of Finland under the number 1609. Made with Illustrator.
frantzi.jpg frantzi2.jpg


steiner2.jpg RUDOLF STEINER 2
- Let's all twist in Tupos (2010)

Size: 22 x 30 cm
Ink drawing (text added in InDesign)


A coat of arms for the family Bauer. Made with Illustrator.
bauer.jpg bauer2.jpg



steiner1.jpg RUDOLF STEINER 1 (2008)
Ink drawing


marja.jpg MARJA (2007)
Size: 27 x 21 cm
Pen drawing.


juha.jpg JUHA (2007)
Size: 29 x 29 cm
Pen drawing


maire.jpg AIR MAIRE (2006)
Size: 26 x 14 cm
Pen drawing / Photoshop.


hessu.jpg HESSU AND LUIGI (2005)
Size: 29.5 x 29.5 cm
Ink drawing


saimi.jpg SAIMI (2005)
Size: 25 x 21 cm
Cognac bottle label. Pen drawing.


saga.jpg SAGA (2005)
Size: 20 x 29 cm
Ink & pen drawing


LIBRARY CAT (1999-2000)
Illustrations for the "library cat" pages of the Library of the City of Tampere, Finland. Photoshop.


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