I`ve labelled these works as "art" as they have been done purely for my own enjoyment...


Lemmy - A Mission Every Night LEMMY - A MISSION EVERY NIGHT (2020)
Size: 334 x 489 mm
Pen drawing. I first started to listen to Hawkwind way back when and then discovered Motörhead...


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 5 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RÄM-MAN #5 (2020)
Size: 430x307 mm
Ink drawing. The Adventures of the Räm-Man, episode #5, "The 2020 Catalog".


le party 2019 LE PARTY (2019)
Size: 518 x 302 mm
Pencil drawing. Featuring Daft Punk, The Weeknd and Maya Bauer.


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 4 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RÄM-MAN #4 (2019)
Size: 415x298 mm
Ink drawing. The Adventures of the Räm-Man, episode #4, "Enter Räm-man".


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 3 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RAM-MAN #3 (2019)
Size: 415x298mm
Ink drawing. The Adventures of the Räm-Man, episode #3, "A New Hope".


Rory Gallagher 2019 RORY GALLAGHER (2019)
Size: T-shirt
I painted a Rory t-shirt as a gift for my wife. Based on a photograph as Rory doesn`t return my calls. White textile paint on a cotton t-shirt.


Afrodismi 2019 AFRODISMI (2019)
Size: 375x305mm
Finnish language wordplay stupidity.


Kalloistus 2019 KALLOISTUS (2019)
Size: 300x240mm

A friend of mine wanted to see herself "skullified", this was of course an interesting challenge so here`s the result.

The skeleton says:
"Protect the earth or we will ALL die!"

The carrot says:
She`s crazy, she`s going to eat me!
Do as she says!"


matkalla luuvreen MATKALLA LUUVREEN (2019)
Size: 440x530mm
Pencil drawing.


midlife crisis MIDLIFE CRISIS (2019)
Size: 249x343mm
Ink drawing.


The Adventures of the Ram-Man 2 THE ADVENTURES OF THE RAM-MAN #2 (2019)
Size: 415x298mm
Ink drawing.


George Clinton GEORGE CLINTON (2019)
Pencil scetch.


Andy Cairns ANDY CAIRNS (2019)
Size: 150x180mm
Pencil scetch.


another perfect day ANOTHER PERFECT DAY (2019)
Size: 310x310mm
Ink drawing & water colour


ars longa vita brevis ARS LONGA VITA BREVIS (2019)
Size: 590x435mm
Ink drawing.


syksy 2018 SYKSY 2018 (2018)
Size: 565x225mm
Ink drawing.


Hatanpää 1 HATANPÄÄ 1 (2018)
Koko: 550x440mm
Ink drawing. Part 1 of the Hatanpää-series. Frustrated by feeble attempts trying to piece together partial scans of the half meter wide drawing I proudly present to you this crap photograph instead.


Yksityishenkilö PRIVATE CITIZEN (2018)
Size: 300x320mm
Ink drawing. Finnish politics & word play & stream of consciousness...


Ralf Gyllenhammar RALF (2018)
Height: c. 58cm
Clay and acrylics. A graden gnome -version of Mustasch singer Ralf Gyllenhammar.


ka ching pieni KA-CHING (2018)
Size: 335x490mm
Pencil drawing. My anonymous promoter friend "N.V." from Helsinki send me a list years ago with everything that I was NOT to put in a poster that I was working on. I of course had to accept the challenge, everything on that list should be included here plus a few additions of my own.


Mara Balls MARA BALLS (2018)
Size: 360x510mm
Pencil drawing. Portrait of Finnish musician Mara Balls.


talvisote TALVISOTE (2018)
Size: 390x310mm
Ink drawing. Politics, a very long story...


murheen_laakso.jpg MURHEEN LAAKSO (2018)
Size: 270x300mm
Ink drawing
Main influnce here was the Finnish cult band Mana Mana.


plastic_fetish_land.jpg PLASTIC FETISH LAND (2017)
Size: 610x250mm
Ink drawing & water colour
An "inner space" co-portrait of me and my sister done as a Christmas present. She collects My Little Pony -toys, you can try and guess what I collect.


pektoberfest.jpg PEKTOBERFEST (2017)
Ink and pen drawing
A birthday card for my mother starring her (slightly deranged) cat Pekko.


syysjuhla SYYSJUHLA (2017)
Koko: 400x400 mm


Ink drawing
Politics and Moomins, the title translates as "Tove Jansson`s original "mörkö" (ghoul or ghost) design discarded as too scary" and stars, once again, a well known Finnish right wing politician.


sauli_ja_jenni.jpg SAULI JA JENNI (2017)
Ink drawing
The news that finnish president Sauli Niinistön and his wife Jenni Haukion were expecting a baby broke in the same week as the news about the first Finnish "male pregnancy".


cthulhu DREAM NO MORE (2017)
Size: 540 x 420 mm
Ink drawing. Cthulhu, following H.P.Lovecraft`s original description as closely as possible with a soundtrack of Metallica`s  "Dream No More".


trumphead.jpg TRUMPHEAD (2017)
Acrylic on canvas
A mix of politics, music and movies.


Persuland PERSULAND (2014)
Size: 410 x 340 mm
Pencil drawing
A political drawing, the Finnish post office had decided to release Tom of Finland -stamps and certain parties were not pleased.


takatalvi.jpg TAKATALVI (2014)
Size: 280 x 310 mm
Pencil drawing
A political drawing, the man in the picture is a Finnish right wing populist carrying migratory birds common in Finland including the Finnish national bird, the swan.


Ruusu tulppaani ja peyote RUUSU, TULPPAANI JA PEYOTE (2014)
Size: 330 x 480 mm
Ink drawing based on a song by the Finnish band Mana Mana (aka Murheenlaakso).


kellarissa.jpg KELLARISSA (2010)
Size: 280 x 220 mm
Ink drawing
A "fairytale" illustration.


pyynikki1.jpg PYYNIKKI 1 (2010)
Size: 270 x 340 mm
Ink drawing
A landscape from Pyynikki in Tampere, Finland.


pyynikki2.jpg PYYNIKKI 2 (2012)
Size: 250 x 350 mm
Ink drawing
A landscape from Pyynikki in Tampere, Finland.


pyynikki3.jpg PYYNIKKI 3 (2013)
Size: 230 x 300 mm
Ink drawing
A landscape from Pyynikki in Tampere, Finland.
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